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Piano Practice Pro

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Piano Practice Pro

Piano Practice is an organizer app for amateur and professional piano players at all levels.

Piano Practice helps you managing your repertoire and tracking your progress during your daily piano practice. You can select from more than 3000 classic piano pieces or add your own pieces to your repertoire. You can link a music sheet stored in iCloud Drive or on your device to every piece in your repertoire. Smart controls allows to annotate your PDF music sheets to adapt fingering or to provide additional textual annotations.
Practice sessions are organized into workouts that you can select from predefined ones or that you can create from scratch. Depending on your workout settings, Piano Practice rotates through your repertoire making sure that you review pieces you've already learned.
Piano Practice selects scales and arpeggios for warm-up, depending on the keys of the pieces that you will play during the current workout.
Once you start a workout, Piano Practice tracks playing time for every piece, you can record your practice session via the integrated microphone or any compatible sound input attached to your iPad. The integrated metronome offers a teaching function which automatically increases tempo for practicing difficult passages at different speeds.
Piano Practice supports page flipping via configurable MIDI control events as well as Bluetooth foot switches.

The Piano Practice data store is based on Realm, you can export your data and convert it to any desired format using Realm's database viewer available on the internet.

Your feedback is appreciated. Pls. don't hesitate to mail us for feature proposals or if you need further help.
Arno Pernozzoli