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"The concept is unique" - AppsZoom

Phrames is a new camera app to record and share a sequence of pictures and you can view them like a video or a GIF swiping it with your fingers!

With Phrames is easy to capture a 3D scene or a panorama and share on Facebook, Twitter, Watshapp, Pinterest and many others, with your friends!

Phrames allows you to record and interact with the best moments around you!

A phrame is neither a photo nor a video, is something more: it's a brand new media format. It's a touchable GIF that you can play back and forth with your finger!

With Phrames you can take amazing 3D selfie with your friends, delicious gourmet meals, 360° panoramas in dream places, pets, stop motion, time lapse, live photos, etc...

To watch a phrame you should simply slide your finger to send it back and forth! Only with Phrames you can enjoy every single frames!

Using Phrames you can create and edit your phrames, watch them in your gallery or share them with your family, your friends or the whole world with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Messenger and more...

Try Phrames and if you like it, join our community using the Facebook login.

You can find the most beautiful and most popular phrames, add a like and comment them, follow their creators!

If you have any problems please contact us to [email protected] we will reply you as soon as possible.
Alessandro Vanetti