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Photonics Duo

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Photonics Duo

Introducing Photonics Duo Bluetooth Smart L.E.D. Lighting app.
The purpose of this app is to accompany the newly developed Photonics Bluetooth Low Energy L.E.D product(s).

Easy and Efficient way to configure and control your L.E.D. lights on a smart device via Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. For example, from the comfort of the sofa or dining room table, you can set the mood of your light(s) without having to get up, change settings on light switches seem so out dated.

This app is a practical and modern way to manage L.E.D. lighting weather it’s in a domestic or a professional environment. And has been designed to be user friendly, so in a few quick and simple steps managing the lights couldn’t be easier.


•App free to download from app store
•Developed with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology
•Compatible with L.E.D. bulbs or down light with built-in Bluetooth 4.0
•Turn on and off singular or multiple lights from the press of a button
•Can dim singular or multiple lights
•Able to configure colour temperature
•Cost saving as no need for dimmer switch with this app

Fully Support:
• iPhone 4s onwards
• iPad 3 onwards
• iPad Mini 1 onwards
• Apple Watch
Bluetroz Technology Limited