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Photographer's Friend 3

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Photographer's Friend 3

Photographer's Friend has three amazing photography calculators in one App. We believe our Depth of Field Calculator with the Pixel Peeper mode active is the most accurate and detailed DOF Calculator available!

*** Depth-of-Field Calculator ***

Calculate the Depth of Field in your photographs based on your camera's sensor size, aperture, focal length and focus distance, set with four dials along the base of the DoF Calc.

The display includes your Hyperfocal Distance which can be temporarily transferred to the Focus Distance dial or locked for continuous updates. Distances are can be displayed in metric or feet and inches.

By default, we use traditional Depth of Field calculations, but Pixel Peeper mode calculates Depth of Field using your sensor size and megapixels for higher accuracy. You can also enter a custom Circle of Confusion size if you prefer. There's even a diffraction warning mode!

*** Neutral Density Filter Calculator ***

Enter your base shutter speed into the Neutral Density Filter Calculator to calculate your new shutter speed after fitting ND filters to your lens. The filters are labeled by the multiplication factor (ND2, ND4, etc.) with f-stop and optical density values also displayed. You can hide filters that you don't use or bring them back again with slide gestures.

A timer is available for shutter speeds of 5 seconds or more, so if you don't have a timer switch or built-in timer in your camera, we'll time your exposure for you!

You'll never need this in real life, but the ND Calculator allows filter stacking for up to 30-year exposures, which is helpful for understanding how neutral density filters affect the shutter speed and for teaching others when necessary.

*** Exposure Shift Calculator ***

When changing exposure on your camera, it's not always obvious which settings to change to counter adjustments you make. When you adjust your aperture from f/5.6 to f/11, does your shutter speed need to go up, or down? How does it affect your ISO?

The Exposure Shift Calculator has the answers!

Enter your current camera settings with the Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO dials, and watch Photographer's Friend calculate how changes to one dial affect the others. You can lock any of the three dials to calculate just the other free dial automatically, or turn on Exposure Value Lock to have Photographer's Friend calculate all settings for you!

Slide the green band in the middle of the screen to store your initial settings for reference, and Exposure Value display and EV Lock features are invaluable for keeping track of changes and when looking for appropriate settings from a light meter EV readout. We've also added a button to send your aperture to the Depth of Field Calculator and another to forward your shutter speed to the Neutral Density Filter Calculator.

*** Links ***

We've included links to in-depth articles on Hyperfocal Distance, Understanding Neutral Density Filters and Circle of Confusion, the Airy Disk and Diffraction, and a new article on Understanding Exposure Value, among other useful content. We've also provided a link to online tutorial videos to walk you through each calculator.

There are links to email us directly or use our web contact form to ask general photography questions or send questions or suggestions for the app. We think we have all bases covered, but for example, if you own a Neutral Density filter that is not listed, let us know, and we'll add it in a future update.

*** Help ***

There are three multi-page help sections with detailed information to help you understand the Depth of Field, Neutral Density and Exposure Shift Calculators.

Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned professional, or maybe a photography educator, we think you'll find the three calculators in Photographer's Friend 3 invaluable!

*** Version 2 Retirement ***
Note that although you can still buy version two, it is no longer being maintained and will be retired at the end of 2020.
Martin Bailey Photography K.K.