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PhoneInfo Glance

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PhoneInfo Glance

View your iPhones battery and connection status on your Apple Watch.
Fast, easy and stylish in your Glances.

These small features make your everyday life so much easier:
# Check you iPhones battery without getting it out of your pocket!
# Check your iPhones battery while its charging in another room!
# Some App is far too slow? Check if its your iPhones connections fault!

Beautiful seamless design matching your Apple Watch's style.
Get it now!

# This app is designed for Apple Watch only!

Help make PhoneInfo even better! Feedback and bug reports will help me improve the app as fast as possible. Missing a feature? Contact me and I'll try to include it in the near future.
Get in touch @michael_bischof on Twitter or write a mail to [email protected]
Michael Bischof