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Phone WatchR

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Phone WatchR

Phone WatchR will watch your iPhone so you don't forget your iPhone. Phone WatchR will send an Apple Watch notification when your iPhone Bluetooth connection to your Apple Watch is disconnected. The Phone WatchR for Apple Watch App provides Safe Zone and Snooze features which make the app useful in many everyday situations. You can set Safe Zones where a disconnected iPhone will NOT trigger an Apple Watch Notification. For example, when you are home or work. You can specify the distance (radius) for the Safe Zone, the default is 75.0 meters. The Snooze feature will disable notifications for 30 minutes when you are in situations where a disconnected iPhone is expected but a Safe Zone is inappropriate. Color cues are Red for a disconnected phone, Yellow for a disconnected phone in a Safe Zone and Green for a connected phone.

In order for Phone WatchR to work you must enable the following services when prompted during initial setup of the application. You are required to make the following selections in order to configure this application. If you don't select these options, Phone WatchR will not be enabled and the Diagnostics page will explain how to enable these features.

1) Notifications - "Allow"
2) Bluetooth - "Ok"
3) Location - "Allow While Using App"
William Prentice