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PFOREX Assist Forex signals

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PFOREX Assist Forex signals

PFOREXAssist provides magnificent trading and financial services via different Apps and methods. You can join us to utilize the top notch services;
• Highly prosperous and sound Trading Signals & Technical Analysis on all major trading assets and products
• Numerous trading assets including Forex, Stocks, CFDs and Crypto Currencies
• Profound and reliable educational materials in different categories and courses in which you can select Text or Video format based on your desire
• Multiple live trading tools including pivot point levels, exchange rate converter, Pip value, position size, correlation coefficient, Margin calculator
• Secure and ultra-fast access to your PFOREXAssist account in which you can retrieve your balance, rebates and active trading accounts in your PFOREX group

The App delivers the most recent trading signals based on your selected trading strategies INSTANTLY when the desired trading signals are formed.
The ultra-fast notifications of your selected trading signals and technical analysis will be delivered at the time that the market price reaches the Entry, Take Profit and Stop Loss prices.
You can access the educational courses, most recent Brokers reviews and your PFOREXAssist account under secure and reliable connections and in a well-designed structure.
PFOREXAssist is currently provided in English only, however, the Arabic, Russian and French versions will be developed soon.

Educational Materials
By applying the knowledge from profound studies and researches in addition to several years of experience in trading various assets of financial markets, PFOREX represents outstanding FREE educational and learning materials under different categories.
Each category has multiple sessions in which traders can acquire highly beneficial knowledge to develop their trading skills and technique.
There are 7 categories; Primary, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Supplementary and Strategy. The whole 69 sessions provides a step-by-step scheme under 2 different formats; Video and Text.
The video format, Full HD (1080P) resolution, of Educational Materials are represented in English and Arabic while the Text format are provided in 34 languages. Our clients can watch the English videos with subtitle in 34 different languages.

Technical Analysis & Trading Signals
The Financial, Technical and R&D teams cooperated to develop the most prosperous and valid trading signals and technical analysis in which various different strategies with high success rate are utilized.
Traders can select their desired Trading Signals and Technical Analysis to receive instant notifications as chosen one is formed or at the time when price touches of Entry, Take Profit and Stop Loss prices.

PFOREXAssist values clients’ privacy, so we need the following permissions from you;
- Network Communication: The status of your devise internet connection
- Run at Startup: To receive instant updates on new trading signals and services