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In PetriPet, players take on the role of a scientist who nurtures a virtual pet from a small zygote in a Petri dish through old age. Along the way they can earn power-ups called DNA “Splices” that allow you to change your pet’s appearance and other characteristics. As your pet grows you will feed it, put it to bed, keep it healthy, clean up after it, entertain it, and dress it up with different items.

Features include:

** 100% designed for the Apple Watch so your virtual pet is always on your wrist.

** Eight different pets are available including cats, dogs, fish, lizards, and more.

** Apple Watch Complication & Local Notifications provide up to the minute feedback on your pet’s well-being.

** Use DNA splice power-ups to alter various characteristics like color, hair, body shape, and pet type.

** Hundreds of different pet variations are possible with splicing power-ups.

** Earn toys, power-ups, and items to customize your pet and keep it entertained & happy.

** Game Center scoreboard that tracks the oldest living pets world-wide.

** Purchase optional treats, medicine, power-ups, toys, items, and clothing from the Pet Shop via In-App Purchase.
Drew Smith