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PetriPet 2

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PetriPet 2

Enter the laboratory and grow your own custom virtual pet from a single-celled organism to an old-aged adult. Along the way you will feed, clean, walk, and care for your pet. As your pet grows, you will have the opportunity to customize the way your pet looks and acts using "DNA Splice" power-ups and mini-games. "Splices" can reward the player -- like doubling the amount of experience points earned but they can also make the gameplay more challenging -- like causing your pet to eat its food at a faster rate.

There are hundreds of combinations that allow you to grow a pet that is as unique as you are. What will you create?

Features include:

- Hundreds of available combinations to create a truly unique creature.
- Innovative ‘Splice System’ changes the gameplay as your pet evolves.
- Complications for tracking food supply and other vitals right on your Apple Watch face.
- Pedometer support for tracking your pet’s (and your own) step goal progress.
- Independent watchOS app - no iPhone required.
Drew Smith