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** Featured on TechCrunch, Daring Fireball, iMore, 9to5Mac, BGR, MacRumors & more! **

We are excited to introduce Petey, your Apple Watch & iPhone AI assistant app! With this app, you can now interact with the famous GPT model right from your wrist or on the go.

■ Key Features:
- Interact with the famous GPT model right from your Apple Watch or iPhone
- Create playlists with Apple Music
- View locations on Apple Maps
- Get rich previews of any URL that Petey shares with you
- Continue your conversation thanks to history
- Quickly get answers to your questions or generate longer messages without typing
- Share the outcome of your interaction with others via text, email or social media
- Set the app as a complication for easy access
- Text to Speech, the app will read out the answer to you, so you don't have to read it (Make sure your device is not on silent)
- Multiple prompts, reply to the answers you're receiving
- Change the icon that is shown in the complications
- GPT4 Support (In-App Purchase required)
- Shortcuts support: Open or Ask Petey with a shortcut. This also lets you replace Siri with Petey.
- Add API Key: Now it’s possible to add your own API key; this will give you more control and let you use GPT-4 at your own cost (if your API key allows it). It also lets you opt-out of the Petey for iOS subscriptions.
- Send to Phone: Send an answer from Petey on watchOS to your phone to use in other apps.

iOS only features
- Live Activity: Every time you start talking with Petey, we will start a Live Activity so you can do other things while waiting for a response.
- Share full conversation: Share the full conversation with the press of a button to use in any app that accepts text
- Direct links: When a link is detected, a separate view is presented to open up the mentioned website easily
- Apple Music integration: Connect to Apple Music and create playlists with the help of AI

With Petey, you can easily access a vast source of knowledge and communicate with an intelligent computer in real-time. It's like having an extra personal assistant with you! To make things even easier, you can set Petey as a complication on your watch face or as lock screen widget. This way, you can quickly access the app with just a tap on your watch face.
We hope you enjoy using Petey on your Apple Watch and find it to be a valuable addition to your digital life.

To use Petey, open the app, ask questions, or type in your message. Petey will provide you with a response that you can quickly share with others via text, email or social media.

■ Why do I have to pay extra for GPT4?
The latest version of the famous GPT model comes with a bigger price tag, so unfortunately, I cannot afford to provide it for free and have to charge a bit extra if you want to use that model for now. However, I felt like raising the price or making it mandatory would be unfair. So now you can purchase usage of the newer model as an OPTIONAL upgrade.

■ Good to know:
Petey is based on the famous GPT model and therefore has information up to September 2021. The power of Petey (and GPT in general) is that it's really good at giving you advice or writing long-form texts.

■ Frequently Asked Questions
You can find the FAQ in the "App Support" button below. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know by emailing [email protected]

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