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Pete's Pwds

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Pete's Pwds

Pete's Pwds (passwords) is a free, reasonably secure, password keeper. We all have many online accounts these days and we are supposed to have different and wildly varied passwords for each site. We aren't supposed to write these down, at least not on paper or where anyone can get to them. But who can remember twelve passwords, each 8-16 characters in length, made up of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks and having no connection to birthdays, pet names, children, or any event whatsoever in our lives?

The only way I have found to keep my password sanity is to store them on a list on my phone. Not 100% secure by any means, but what is left? There are a dozen (at least) password keepers for iPhone here in the App Store. I created this one because I didn't want to pay for an app to do this and I didn't want to pay for additional in-app purchases to provide more security on in-cloud vault.

This first version provides a simple list of your passwords which is protected by a single key of your own making, with no restrictions. It can be a single character or the entire Hamilton libretto. Any time Pete's Pwds becomes inactive (you press the Home button to switch apps, you pull down notifications, that sort of thing), Peter's Pwds immediately hides your passwords and requires you to re-enter your code or your fingerprint (if your device has Face/Touch ID) the next time the app is active.

Be sure to try the favorite (heart) feature which can reduce the list to just a handle of your most used (i.e., forgotten) passwords. Just flag those entries with the Heart button; its a time saver. Please enjoy the app; I hope you find it useful.
Peter Ent