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Wondering what your pet is thinking? Try PeTalk!

PeTalk shows your pet’s thoughts in a speech bubble, easing your inter-species communication. You can even see your pet on the screen with their speech bubble through your device's camera!

It's a real tail wagger for dog lovers, and purr-fect for cat lovers!

Simply open the app, tap Dog Mode or Cat Mode, and point the camera at your pet. Then, just tap the paw print to see what your pet is thinking-- it's that easy!

You can even share your pet's hilarious thoughts with your friends: once you have your pet in the perfect pose with the perfect thought, press the camera button and share away!

Plus, with our Apple Watch app, you can see your pet's thoughts while you're on the go, and our new Mac app lets you use your computer to capture your pet's inner musings-- and you can enable the PeTalk skill for Alexa devices too!

“Finally! A fun and easy way to unleash my inner Dr. Doolittle!” - Laura Amy Schlitz, two-time Newbery winning author.

If you find a bug, want to see a feature in PeTalk, or just want to say hi, use the PeTalk Support form at