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Pet For Watch

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Pet For Watch

~~~~~~ This is a little pet that lives in a watch. ~~~~~~~~

Detailed introduction of pet machine gameplay:

*Operation skills: Turn the crown to select the menu, and then tap the middle of the screen to enter the menu

*Modify pet name: Click on the pet's name in the pet status to call up the rename menu

*Support multiple watch face components of applewatch, which can display the status of pets in the watch face in real time, such as graphic module

*The pet machine supports playing in the watch version and the mobile version, and the data can be communicated in the game settings of the watch. Each time it consumes 200~

*How to get clothing coupons: buy on your mobile phone, and you can synchronize the coupons in your mobile phone in the watch settings.

1. Pet care:

Growth: Egg -> Toddler -> Child -> Adult

Feeding: You can buy food to feed your pets. There are all kinds of food in the convenience store.

Toilet: There are two ways to clean pets, cleaning the living room and entering the bathroom. Bring your pet to the toilet in time to develop a clean and cute pet.

Bathing: Taking a bath after your pet gets dirty can increase your mood.

Sleeping: Pets will start to go to bed at 0 o'clock in the evening and wake up at 8 o'clock in the morning. They should not be disturbed when they go to bed.

Sickness: If the pet stays hungry for too long, the pet will get sick, or may faint due to serious illness. You can choose "injection" or "emergency" for treatment after you are sick.

Happy: Take a bath, go to the park, go to the amusement park, travel, and other places to increase the happiness value.

Two, go out:

Gold coins: Gold coins can be used for all kinds of consumption in the game, such as buying food, seeds, cars, and decorating houses. Through working, traveling, selling crops, and playing games, you can get gold coins.

Backpack: The backpack contains fertilizers, water bottles, plant seeds, and crops that can be sold

Go to school: get different levels of education according to the subjects of study.

Education: kindergarten/lower grade/middle grade/academic

Work: Pets cannot work until they reach adulthood. Types include: waiter/courier/office/scientist. The work you can do is related to your pet's education. Work needs to consume some mood value.
Waiter: waiter in western restaurant, get 50 yuan each time
Express delivery: Express delivery in the town, get 100 yuan each time
Office: working in an office, get 150 yuan each time
Scientist: Work in the laboratory, get 300 yuan each time

Garden: You can plant crops in the garden, and the seeds are in the backpack. After planting crops, be sure to water them. Fertilizer can make the plants mature in advance.

School: Various courses can be taken in the school

House: There is a garage next to the house. After buying a car, you can change the car in the garage. Old furniture is also kept in the garage.

Clothing store: The clothing store has a variety of clothing, which can be purchased through wool + gold coins, some of which require clothing coupons to purchase.

Convenience Store: Use gold coins to buy foods that pets like.

Gardening shop: Go to the gardening shop to buy various plant seeds, fertilizers, etc.

Market: You can sell your own crops in the market

Auto shop: There are currently 3 models on sale, after buying a car, the travel time can be greatly shortened

Furniture store: You can buy new furniture inside, decorate the lobby, and pets can watch TV after buying a TV

Pet shop: Start trial operation. You can buy lambs, chickens, and pigs. Before the lambs grow up, you can feed them every day to make the lambs feel better. You need 5 hearts to cut the sheep. When I grow up, I will lay one egg every day, but the premise is also 5 hearts~

Park: Going to the park to play can increase the mood value

Amusement park: go to the amusement park to play can fill up the mood value

Hot springs: hot springs can replenish health and cleanliness
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