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Pet Cat For Watch

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Pet Cat For Watch

~~~~~ This is a pet cat living in your watch (no mobile phone is required)~~~~~

*Operation skills:

*Set pet name: Before adopting a pet, you need to give your pet cat a nice name

*Choose the gender of pet cats: You can adopt male cats and female cats. 
Cats with different genders have different attributes.

*Pet cats can play alone in the watch.

The game will automatically calculate how many days the owner has accompanied the pet cat, and the owner can interact with the pet cat. The pet will make various playful actions and respond to the owner's call. Each interaction will consume the pet cat 30 points of physical strength. Play games to increase stamina for pet cats. Different games have different stamina values.
You can also wait for the cat to rest for 24 hours, and it will automatically recover its stamina.

gaming room:

"Guess guessing" is a casual rock-paper-scissors game. Every time you win, you will get a little physical strength, and you will not lose anything if you lose.
"2048" synthesis game, the threshold is very low, synthesis of numbers above 16 will get physical strength, the larger the synthesis number, the more physical strength you will get, and the synthesis of 2048 will reward a lot of physical strength.
There are currently only 2 games, which will be updated in the future.
长金 胡