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Personal Best Workouts

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Personal Best Workouts

Personal Best is the ultimate workout companion for iPhone, working in unison with Apple Health to bring you all the data and stats you never knew you needed.

Dive into leaderboards to see how your workouts rank over time, and create your own using powerful filters. You can even turn on notifications to get feedback on your workouts instantly without opening the app.

Explore fun stats, like total calories burned this year, your earliest ever workout, and so much more.

Turn your workouts into fancy custom images you can share to Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere you like.

Plus you can see your workouts, including location and heart rate data, in a rather snazzy UI. Exercise has never looked this good!

See your most recent workouts right on your home screen with the Personal Best widget.

Personal Best is getting smarter all the time with regular updates. Have a feature request? Send it over and I'll do my best to incorporate it.

When you're ready to upgrade, unlock the full functionality with an inexpensive one-time purchase. No monthly subscription or annoying upselling!

Personal Best might just be the most privacy-focused workouts app on the App Store. No account required, no tracking, nothing creepy. Your personal data is yours and yours alone.
Shaun Donnelly