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Personal Best

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Personal Best

All aspects of working out should be fun, not just the workout itself. Personal Best makes sure the fun – and the tracking – doesn't stop when your run, walk, or other workout does.

Personal Best is the one and only workout companion you need, whether you prefer to track your exercise on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Working out is about the numbers as much as the sweat and Personal Best has a ton of them, all presented in a gorgeous way.

At its core, Personal Best is a great way to see all of the workout data your iPhone and Apple Watch collect when you work out. Distance traveled, heart rate, and more are all tracked and Personal Best presents it in a way that not only looks great but offers insights, too. You'll receive feedback on your workouts immediately and see leaderboards showing how your last workout stacks up against your best. Nothing's more motivational than beating your own high score!

Personal Best's wealth of information includes aggregated data as well, so you can see how many workouts you've done over the last week, month, quarter, and year. Metrics include how many calories you've burned, the distance you've traveled, and more. Ever wondered which days you're most active on? Personal Best can tell you!

Because all of your health data is private, it lives on your device and never, ever leaves it. Personal Best ties into the Health and Fitness apps on your iPhone and uses their data to create its graphs, leaderboards, and stickers. Your data is yours and that's the way it should be.

Personal Best includes:
- Native iPhone widgets to display information about your workouts, the last 30 days of exercise, and more.
- Sharable stickers with as much, or as little information about your workout as you like – perfect for sharing on the 'gram!
- Privacy as a feature, not an afterthought. We don't collect your data.
- An inexpensive feature unlock. Upgrade when you're ready and make the most of your workouts and the information they generate.
- Support for Peloton, Strava, and any other app that populates the Health app with workout information using Apple HealthKit.
- Extensive integration with Shortcuts and Siri.

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