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Perform Fun

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Perform Fun

For EVERYONE's healthy and sustainable level of fitness without physical overload and ideally complements for active sports.

Perform Fun is not just a tracker. Perform Fun guides you through your professional and personal training, with a variety of science-based and training-based workouts. With optimal recovery and active times (flexible training calendar), the right training intensity as well as the animated instructions for a correct movement performance, you can improve your fitness at your individual performance level sustainably.

- Power & Mobility for sports and style
- Power & Mobility for your health
- Running, jogging

Free of charge and WITHOUT in app sales. Easy registration. In addition, Perform Fun values the protection of personal data and health-related data. 100% protection of data.

Perform Fun - the unique personal and professional coach - make you feel good and lead you to real personal success.

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Perform Fun is free of charge.

To access and to use the App and Perform Fun's services your agreement and confirmation to the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE (GTC) and the Privacy Statement of Perform Fun Ltd. is required, regardless of where you use the app and Perform Fun services. You may find the GTC, Privacy Statement of Perform Fun on the website
Perform Fun Ltd.