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Perform Fun

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Perform Fun

Comprehensive scientifically based and highly professional fitness and learning app for your individual fitness goals and your performance requirements from beginner's to amateur sports levels and for personal wellness. For the enhancement of physical exercise, personal fitness and sports.

Load Perform Fun on your mobile device. You will quickly feel the difference in your activities and personal success.

The essential features of the app with its scientifically based and professionally presented and easy to use content are:

• Professional hi-end video instructions performed by a world class female athlete plus animations and supporting comment for the correct and efficient execution of the activities. *

• Varied training schedules and exercising sessions including a dynamic continuous calendar feature for monitoring your individual activities. You will be exercising at your personal performance level. *

• Performance-related, varied training targets and exercise sessions. *

• Distance and speed monitoring, step counter, comparison of target and actual values, number of absolved exercises displayed and accessible for each individual training session, plus your total achieved performance.

• Information for controlling your personal intensity of performance to help you reach your personal activity targets (feedback).

• Assessment of the achievement of your personal goals.

• iWatch functions

• Push Notifications sent when you perform your various exercises and workout sessions to help you focus on your activities.

The App offers you various topics (all-in-one package):

• Power & mobility for sports and style
Topic levels for a balanced to intensive enhancement and sustainment of your performance, for keeping and improving your shape and style: exercises for physical stabilisation for athletes, intensive workout sessions, plus legs-belly-bottom, body shaping, etc.

• Power & mobility for your health
Topic levels for the enhancement of fitness, movement and health, e.g. for people with little exercise, for persons with heavy physical work, for overweight or elderly men and women.

• Running / jogging
for beginners and hobby athletes right up to ambitioned sportspeople.

* Additional content for subscribers.

Your data will be stored on servers located in Switzerland, maintained by Perform Fun and protected against abuse by a variety of technical and software devices.

During and after your 30-day free of charge use of the App, and for the optional use of and access to extended exercising data and other topical content, you may opt for a payable subscription account at any time. The following subscription options are available: 1 month for 3.99 US$, 3.99 EURO, £3.49, 4.00 CHF; 3 months for 8.99 US$, 9.49 EURO, 8.49£, 9.50 CHF; 1 year for 27.49 US$, 29.49 EURO, 25.49 £ and 29.50 CHF. Prices may slightly change due to the region and exchange rate. The due amount will automatically be charged to your iTunes account with the confirmation of your purchase (auto-renewal subscription). Please be informed that the 30-day free trial period will be forfeited immediately when you purchase the subscription.

Following purchase, you can manage your subscription in the settings of your iTunes account. You may turn off the auto-renewal by going to your account settings after purchase. The amount will be charged if you haven't cancelled your subscription at least 1 day before the end of the current subscription period. A cancellation of a current subscription before the end of the running subscription period is not possible.

To access and to use the App and Perform Fun's services your agreement and confirmation to the Terms & Conditions (T&C, Data Protection Perform Fun (en/international) of Perform Fun Ltd. is required, regardless of where you use the app and Perform Fun services. You may find the T&C, Data Protection Perform Fun (en/international) on the website of Perform Fun,
Perform Fun Ltd.