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Perfect Video Poker + Watch

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Perfect Video Poker + Watch

WHO LIKES TO LOSE!?!? Play a perfect game of Jacks or Better video poker!

PERFECT PLAY - Just wait for the "Deal" button to turn green, and then draw your cards! If you get stuck, the app will flash the best cards to hold!

APPLE WATCH SUPPORT - Play on your watch, just like you did in the 1980s! You get the same perfect play hints as you do in the app!

DETAILED ODDS - As you tap cards to hold them, we show the average payout on each possible hand result, and the average long-term payout. Learn how video poker statistics work as you play!

NO IAPS REQUIRED - You can watch short videos to get more credits. But with perfect play, you probably won't need to do this often!

BIG CARDS - No squinting or mistaps. We make the cards big!

PORTRAIT MODE PLAY - Let's face it, you usually hold your phone upright!

COOL SOUNDS - You'll feel like you are at a casino, or even on a casino boat! (And you can turn them off, too.)

MAKE IT RAIN - Gold coins fall from the sky when you win!

CHROME BUTTONS ON GREEN FELT - The luxurious interface you deserve.

*** FOR ENTERTAINMENT USE ONLY *** This app is a casino simulator and should be used only for entertainment and/or educational purposes.
Puzzling Plans LLC