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Perfect Tennis

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Perfect Tennis

Use Perfect Tennis to help you reduce your unforced errors by allowing you to track them per game while you play using your Apple Watch. Also track your workout stats.

Note: This application only works for users with an Apple Watch. You can view your stats on your phone once the data has been collected through your Apple Watch.

One of the ways you can improve your game and take it to the next level is to reduce your unforced errors. Perfect Tennis is the perfect companion to have while you play Tennis. Simply start it on your Apple Watch to track your Tennis workouts as well as your unforced errors for each game. You can then see you average error rates per game. Just the act of tracking your errors is helpful for your game and makes you more mindful of how you are playing. It encourages you to reduce the frequency of risky shots and promotes a more consistent play which in turn results in more wins. The application also keeps track of all the usual metrics for your workout per game so you can contribute to your activity rings while you play. Below are some of the highlights of the features available with this application.

+ Turn your wrist and if the app is running you'll have one touch access to increment your unforced error count. The action can take less than a second and is super easy to do after each point without distracting from your game.

+ Easy access to your workout metrics during your game.

+ Ability to look at past games unforced error metrics so you can see how you are trending. Includes averages over the past 30 games and your average for the current set of games.

+ Integration with iOS HealthKit to track and save your workout metrics such as energy burned, steps taken and your hearth rate during your play.

Use the app. Improve your game. Win.
Saviz Artang