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PEQ peek in. rest easy.

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PEQ peek in. rest easy.

Meet PEQ (rhymes with sleek)

PEQ is a self-installed, modern home security and automation service that actually listens and responds, giving you complete protection and control of your home from anywhere.

PEQ gives your home a voice so that it can communicate more intelligently with you, and keeps you connected, even when you’re away.

Orchestrate your entire smart home:
Connect all of your smart home devices together, including those from other brands like Nest, Philips, Kwikset, Zubie and more, and control them all with this app.

Create a virtual neighborhood watch:
Choose up to five friends, neighbors, or family members to receive notifications from your home when there’s trouble while you’re away.

Customize a more helpful home:
Tailor your PEQ system to work the way you want with customized schedules and rules that tell your devices what to do and when.

Explore what you can do with PEQ:
-Know when your kids get home safely from school with the PEQ hub and camera
-Turn lights on after sunset with the PEQ hub and lamp module
-Turn the coffee maker off at 8:15 every morning with the PEQ hub and appliance module
-Adjust the thermostat to a comfortable temperature before you get home with the PEQ hub and thermostat

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