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It seems so simple, take the five letters are form a single word, but this is Pentaddle! The words are hard and time is ticking! It's pandemonium! Stretch your brain power as you try to forms as many words as possible.

• Tap on the jumbled letters to form a five letter word
• Time is ticking away, but don't fret getting a word correct adds more time to the clock.
• Having trouble try shuffling the letters for a fresh perspective

Now you can Play the "hardest" word game on Apple Watch!

** "Very Addictive." **
** "The action doesn't end. It just gets harder and harder." **


Key features:
• Endless action
• Thousands of words
• Excellent brain exercise
• Vivid bold look and feel
• Easy to play, hard to play awesome
• quick pick up and play game style
• single finger tap and play
• No interent connection required

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