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PegSol 3D

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PegSol 3D

PegSol 3D is a visually stunning 3D version of triangular peg solitaire!

The objective of the game is to remove all but one peg on the board by jumping adjacent pegs. Simply tap on the peg and then tap on the glowing peg you'd like to move to. Jumped pegs are removed from the board and game play continues until either one peg is left on the board or no remaining jumps are available.

1. Rotate board view in 3D space to your preferred board angle
2. Change floor to any of 9 available marbled floor styles, change walls to any of 9 available colors
3. Play original peg solitaire where you choose the first peg to be removed from the board or play a more challenging version where a random first peg is removed from the board
4. Available on iPhone, iPad, and now on Apple Watch!

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