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Pee & See

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Pee & See

Finally, an easy way to remember to drink more water!

Pee & See is a simple water reminder app. It doesn't need to know when you drink water or how much you drink.

Instead, just tap one button every time you go to the bathroom!

When you haven't peed for 3 hours you'll get a reminder to drink water (except at night).

"It's the number 1 number 1 app!"

There are many ways to easily log pees with Pee & See:
• Open the app and tap the big "Log Pee" button
• Log a pee from the Widget, without opening the app
• Tap one of the actions on a notification
• Log from the app icon on devices that support 3D Touch
• Install the Apple Watch app and Complication so you're always just two taps away from logging a pee

Adjust the Quiet Hours setting in the app to avoid notifications while you're asleep. Manually add pees that you forgot to log in the past when they happened, like when you were sleeping.

See where you stack up against other urinators on the Leaderboard. Don't break that streak!

You can also use it as a simple pee tracker, and export your data as a CSV.

Pee & See does not provide medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. It's just a fun way to remember to drink more water!
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