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You just set the improvement rate and Pedora will increase your walking goals little by little everyday.
Pedora will intelligently adjust your goals as you go using your previous 7 days average.

Maybe now it's spring and you feel like to go out and walk more?
No problem. You can change your improvement rate higher and you're all set!
Pedora will update your walking goals automatically from now on.

Or maybe you're facing a plateau and just want to maintain your goals?
No problem. You can change it to custom fixed goals and you're all set!
Pedora will not touch your walking goals from now on.

Walking can be more fun when its goal is achievable.
Achieve you goals everyday with Pedora, and have a healthy life!

** Pedora includes **

6 Activity Items
- Steps
- Distance
- Duration
- Calories
- Floors
- Heart Rate (can be tracked using Apple Watch or other smart bands)

2 Goal-Tracking Modes
- Automatic Goals: Today's goals are tracked automatically based on previous 7 days average
- Custom Goals: Custom Goals can be set and changed manually for today and any previous days.
- Goal progresses are presented beautifully in a ring and bar charts

7 Period Charts
- Day
- 7 Days
- Week
- Weeks
- Month
- Year
- Years

Period Statistics
- Totals
- Averages
- Trends

Data Source
- iPhone: updates in real time using iPhone motion sensor
- All including Apple Watch: Update can be slower as the data are synced and merged with other sources including Apple Watch

Friendly Walking Competition
- Walking together is more fun
- Compete for the weekly step counts with friends and loved ones
- Motivate each other and achieve goals together
- No 3rd party user registration or login is required
- Send your invitation to any iCloud contact via Messages or Mail

- One activity on a small-sized widget
- All activities on a medium-sized widget

Apple Watch
- Various watch complications
- Independent Apple Watch app to track today's goal progress

- Can switch between Imperial and Metric Units

Dark & Light Mode
- Supports Dark & Light mode or System setting of your iPhone

** Data Privacy **
Your health data stays in your iPhone and Apple's eco system, and they will not be shared with any 3rd parties.