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The pedometer is an ideal app for tracking your running and walking workouts. It accurately records your routes, calculates the calories you burn, and measures the distance you cover. You can view your routes on maps for better visualization.

The pedometer keeps track of your step counts for 7 days, 1 month, and on a weekly basis. It also allows you to set daily walking goals, enabling you to stay motivated and achieve your targets. Additionally, you can start your exercise sessions based on a specific time.

Key Features:
- Precise activity tracking and step counting
- Detailed daily log history, including step counts, distance, calories burned, and walking time
- Customizable personal settings, such as sensitivity, metric/imperial units, step distance, body weight, and daily goal
- Synchronization with the Apple Watch app for seamless integration
- Support for Today widget, enabling easy monitoring of steps and burned calories without opening the app
- Step recording functionality
- Calorie estimation
- Speed measurement
- Daily Running Goal: Set a running goal and stay on track with our free running apps. Let us be your running distance tracker, helping you reach your fitness goals.
- Recording of step activity for an entire month
- Set and accomplish your running goals efficiently.

Overall, the improved text highlights the benefits of the GPS pedometer for tracking running and walking workouts while emphasizing its features and capabilities in a clearer and more concise manner.
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