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Pedometer Love

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Pedometer Love

A pedometer is the perfect tool to achieve better health and weight loss with the help of walking. Pedometer is your personal trainer, who transforms your every step into a game and lets you easily achieve your desired health- and fitness goals in a playful way.

Pedometer records the number of steps you have walked and displays them together with the amount of calories you have burnt, distance, time and speed per hour of walking.

A pedometer for better health and weight loss is more than a normal pedometer. Collect points for every step you take. Achieve goals and gain ratings. Compete with your friends every day and see who of your friends is the best in the Weekly and Overall Leaderboard. Win and earn sweet rewards in the form of a bonus!

Use the best pedometer (step tracker) for iPhone devices every day and gain ranks in the form of shoes. Enrich your collection of trendy shoes with shoes like Superman Shoes, Crocodile Shoes, Fire or Lightning Shoes ...

Creating healthy habits and achieving goals have never been more fun. Pedometer is the only App that rewards you for every step you take.

Connect to friends in your community, who share the number of steps they have achieved in real time and stay motivated at all times. Share your walk and your results on Facebook and inspire your friends remotely!

More steps and longer distance walked equals more burnt calories! Achieve at least 10,000 steps a day and the results will be soon visible in the form of weight loss and a healthy life style. Take your first step today. Download the free Pedometer App and start your new life style that will help you improve your health- and sports results.

- No bracelet or other hardware is necessary, no login websites, just download for free and start to monitor your performance immediately.
- Automatically counts your steps 24/7.
- Overall statistics of all your activities. Detailed graph with number of steps, time, walk, burnt calories and distance
- Compete with your Facebook friends
- Earn points for your steps and unlock ranks in the form of shoes collections that everybody will envy.

Important notice:
- Some devices will not register steps while locked. This depends on the individual device specifications. This is not an App error.
- A pedometer that counts all your steps without killing your battery. Use your pedometer 24/7.
Matus Novacek