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[About this app]
This app is for Apple Watch only. It can not be used with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

You can view the number of steps, walking distance, and calories consumed today or this week. The core motion sensor data is used to display near real-time steps.

The calorie consumption is displayed using the active energy of the Health app.

You can set a goal for the number of steps and display the current achievement rate with an indicator.

You can use the indicator to show today's number of steps and the achievement rate for the goal on the complication (clock display screen).

[Method of operation]
Swipe left and right. :
Toggles the display of the number of steps taken today, the number of steps this week, and the number of steps per day for the last week.

Tap the screen. :
Switch the display of steps, walking distance and calorie consumption.

Force touch the screen. :
Displays a menu of goal settings, indicator color settings, and settings for the first day of the week.

According to the specifications of Apple Watch, the update of the number of steps on the complication is about every 30 minutes to 1 hour.

This app uses Apple Watch's core motion sensor data to display the number of steps and walking distance. The numbers may differ from the number of steps or walking distance displayed on the iPhone's healthcare app or activity app.

This app integrates with the Health app. The calorie consumption is displayed using the active energy of the Health app.

Application updates may reset settings such as goals. If it is reset, please reset the setting.

Please be careful while walking while watching the screen of Apple Watch. The producer of this app is not responsible for anything that occurs using this app.
Tatsuya Hamanishi