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Pearson Employee Authenticator

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Pearson Employee Authenticator

** This app is for employees only and will not work for Pearson’s students and educators accessing Pearson’s learning apps **

Pearson Employee Authenticator provides employees, contractors, and partners with a safer, more secure way to verify their identity when they log in to their Pearson myCloud account.

It uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – your username and password, plus a touch or security code – to verify it’s you when you log into your myCloud account.

Once registered, it is simple and fast to use.

You can install the app on either your Pearson-managed or personal device.

- Easy, quick set-up using QR codes
- Support for ‘Touch To Verify’ authentication
- Support for ‘Security Code’ generation

Permissions required:

Camera access: to scan QR codes for MFA registration
Notifications: to receive the Touch to Verify notifications
Network access: to respond to the Touch To Verify notifications*
Storage: to store your MFA settings

* No network access is required to use Security Code verification.
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