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Track your ascents with Peaks. Plan your routes, record your summits, and debrief your trips with specialized stats. Get comprehensive trip plans, accurate navigation, and relevant stats right in your hand when you need it most. Whether training for the next big summit, working towards a vertical goal, or pushing the boundaries of your alpinism, reach your goals and stay safe on the mountain for free with Peaks.

With Peaks, you’ll get:

- Specialized Plans: Build your plans right in Peaks. When you’re about to hit the trail, everything in Peaks is ready to go.

- Advanced Stats: Peaks automatically breaks down your trip in the ways that matter most. Remember how long your ascent takes, what time you summit, and your total vertical. Effortlessly break down the details of your trip. Debrief with summit timestamps, trail chronographs, elevation gain, mileage, and more.

- Better Recording: Take advantage of navigation and destination-focused stats at your fingertips. View your progress at a glance to help make critical decisions.

- Sharing: Show off your climb by sharing your favorite map, mountain, or photos.

- Lifetime Stats: Build up your climbing resume and log each mile and vertical foot.

- Import: Import past climbs to relive them with Peaks 3D Mountains.

- Strava Integration: Automatically export your climbs to Strava when you connect Strava to Peaks

- Rich HealthKit Integration: When recording and you have a linked Apple Watch, the Peaks Watch app will automatically log your workout to HealthKit, and you'll be able to read health data directly on your recordings.

Need more? Peaks Premium takes your climbing to the next level.

With Peaks Premium, you’ll get:

- Offline maps, destinations, and routes to ensure that you’re ready for the backcountry.

- Peaks 3D Mountains that give the best view of the terrain and scale of your ascent.

- Peaks AR Mountains that bring the trip home with you.

- Premium Maps

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