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House automation for everyone. This is e.g. with a Raspberry Pi and PCT-Pi-Remote. With PCT-Pi-Remote, you can call up your webserver commands via buttons. You are completely free, whether you use your own webserver, avoid a third-party provider or use our PCT-Pi-Remote - Webserver.

Whether the webserver is now running on a Raspberry Pi and you control its GPIOs or you want to control an Androino or a third product, everything is possible.

-There are 4 pages with 4 configurable segments each.
-A segment consists of a header for the button and a text for the button itself.
-Each segment can be activated and deactivated.
-For each segment, you can create your own webserver command.
-An example of a webserver command with authentication is already stored as a default value in each segment.

Examples of a webserver command for the PCT-Pi-Remote - Webserver:

With authentication:
http://username:[email protected] oder DNS-Name:Port/Befehl
http://MyUserName:[email protected]:18181/pi/GPIO_23?

Without authentication:
http://IP-Adresse oder DNS-Name:Port/Befehl

Depending on which webserver you are using, the commands look different.

You can download the PCT-Pi-Remote - Webserver on our website:

We hope you enjoy this app! As always, you can send improvement suggestions to us. of course, this also applies to questions or problems.
Pascal Christian Thiede