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PayRecord is a mobile time clock that provides a quick and easy way for employees, contractors and consultants working in a remote office or on the road to maintain an accurate, up to the minute record of earned pay or billable time. Entries are organized by day and by week for easy editing and transmission. You can easily edit the recorded history by adding missed clockings and making corrections to existing clockings.

PayRecord enables you to e-mail reports of your time data and notes to any e-mail address; such as your payroll office or clients. You can include the name of the client you worked for in each clocking. You can also have the location of your time clock entries recorded and included in the report.

By enabling the “Pay Calculations” option, PayRecord will calculate your pay; including overtime and double-time. You can tell PayRecord which state your reside in so that it will use your State’s Pay Regulations to calculate your earnings based on the “Job Role” - such as hourly, exempt or exempt hourly. If you want help with Application set up or other “how to” instructions, simply tap on help icon.


Records clock-in and clock out times including the reason you clocked out and, optionally, the client you are working for, your location, and additional notes.

Optionally calculates your earnings based on the regulations for the state you select.

Specify your relationship with your employer or client: Hourly (nonexempt); Salaried (exempt); Salaried (non-exempt); Or, Independent Contractor / Consultant.

Enter notes related to your work product
Create reports to include your clockings, notes, clients or job, and locations.

Add and edit your clockings prior to submission
Widgets to provide a quick look at your status and time, and to clock in and out.

Help and getting started video
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