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Paws Week

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Paws Week

Paws Week present the current week number when you launch the app, accompanied by a month calendar. The main benefit, however, is using Paws Week as a complication on your Apple Watch, or as widgets directly on your home screens together with your apps.

Paws Week Widget

Three variants of widgets are available for your Home screen: Week, Day, and Month widget.

The Week widget focuses on the week number, while the Day widget has the focus on the date. The large sizes of those widget includes, besides the date and week number, a month calendar showing the current month.

The Month widget presents a full month calendar in the small and medium widget formats.

Add widgets in a size your choose to any of your home screens, or the Today view. This way you can have the date and week information visible at all times directly on your main screen.

The colours of the widget can be customised in the app's Settings view. Choose colours for each of the components of the widget.

Paws Week Watch Complication

Select Paws Week as the complication on your Apple Watch to display the current week number. The format varies somewhat depending on the selected watch face.

On the watch the Digital Crown can be used within the app, to scroll through the dates and see the corresponding week number.

Paws Week iPhone App

In the iPhone app you see the current week number. Use the buttons to move to previous or next month.
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