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Paws Weather

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Paws Weather

Paws Weather displays current weather and forecasts for up to ten days, either for your current location or any place in the world.

The app can be used free of charge. The basic version shows the latest measured weather data including weather conditions, temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind, as well as the time for sunrise and sunset for the selected location. Weather forecasts are unlocked with a PLUS subscription. The first few days - or the week if you purchase an annual subscription - are a trial period, allowing you to test all the app's features at no cost.

The PLUS subscription significantly expands the available information. Multi-day forecasts include weather conditions and temperatures per hour, as well as aggregated per day, including expected rainfall, humidity, and wind conditions.

Weather forecasts are displayed depending on the availability of information for the location. Typically, hourly information is available for at least five days - and up to 10 days ahead with aggregated forecasts and predictions of temperature and weather conditions.

With the PLUS subscription, access to widgets is provided. The widgets come in two sizes and can be placed on the home screen to display the current weather.

PLUS also allows the app to be used for Apple Watch with an accompanying widget and complications for the watch face.

Additionally, the PLUS subscription unlocks several attractive background colors to choose from for the iPhone app and widget.

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