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Paws Location

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Paws Location

This app and complication is installed on the Apple Watch, and uses GPS positioning to view information about the current location.

The app show an address or landmark name based on position, using the Apple Watch's built-in GPS feature. Open the app to update of the current position, and using the geographic data get an approximate estimation of street address, city, region, and country. The app is intended primarily as a handy companion to easily retrieve the street address of your current location, for instance when you need to order a taxi.

The accompanying complication feature is nice-to-have on the watch face, to display location information. The complication shows the name of the city and country at the latest location update. Depending on watch face and complication type less information may be shown.

Complication tint can be selected for watch faces with multi-colour support. Swipe up or rotate the Digital crown in the app to reveal the colour picker.

Note that the complication is not updated in real time, but with some delay. Updates are dependent on the clock's update cycles for complications and the availability of GPS services. As the GPS consume battery, updates are therefore limited when the app is not active on screen.
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