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The Pavlok app is your indispensable companion on the path to self-improvement. With cutting-edge habit tracking and behavior reinforcement strategies, Pavlok empowers you to transform your habits and embrace a more positive lifestyle.

Key Features:

Habit Tracking: Set goals, track progress, and gain real-time insights into your habits. Our advanced tracking algorithm provides valuable data to help you understand your habits better and make informed choices.

Pavlok Wristband Integration: Amplify your habit transformation with the Pavlok app and our Pavlok wristband. Experience gentle vibrations or "zaps" as immediate feedback, encouraging you to stick to good habits and break free from the bad ones.

Personalized Insights: Leverage Pavlok's machine learning algorithms to gain deep insights into your patterns, triggers, and effective behavior change methods tailored to you.

Community Support: Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals also on their journey of change. Share progress, find support during challenging times, and celebrate victories together!

Rewards and Motivation: Earn points for maintaining good habits, conquer challenges, and unlock exclusive content and rewards using your hard-earned points.

Change may be tough, but Pavlok makes it easier. Embark on your transformational journey today with Pavlok – Your Habit Changing Companion. Bid farewell to old habits and embrace the new you!

Please note that the full functionality of the app requires a Pavlok device, which is sold separately.

Important: For payments and subscriptions, we adhere to the standard Apple Terms of Use (EULA). You can review the terms by visiting
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