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The Pavlok wristband is a behavioral changing tool that helps users break bad habits as well as form good ones using a stimulus of their choosing (zap, beep, or a vibration). Pavlok utilizes the latest technology backed by 80+ years of scientific research based on aversion therapy, which helps users associate their bad habit with an unpleasant effect.

The Shock Clock is based on the Pavlok wristband but focuses solely on allowing the user to wake up on time and get out of bed. The device trains the individual to wake up to a chosen time and in most cases before the alarm even goes off. The user can decide to have a silent vibration, beep alarm, or receive a zap. NEW* Snooze Lock option that forces the user to perform jumping jacks to shut off the alarm, and sleep analysis to help users better understand if they’re truly getting enough rest. The app will even remind you when it’s time to go to sleep each night.

Use this app for the following features:

Commit to good habits you wish to form, or break bad habits you have already developed all while keeping track of your progress. Remember each time you had an urge, a check in (when you’ve done the habit), and have the chance to add personal notes to yourself throughout the day. Track, the number of zaps, to better understand when you’re doing that bad habit. Set alarms to wake up, not miss that meeting, etc. You are now able to set multiple alarms!

Get a better night's rest by tracking your sleep with sleep analysis! Turn on Snooze Lock and be forced to wake up and get out of bed in the morning by performing jumping jacks.

Set a timer so that when the time is up, your Pavlok reminds you.
Set your Pavlok to zap, beep, or vibrate at a particular interval.
Set reminders to do things such as head to the gym, drink water every 30 minutes, etc.
Set a stopwatch to zap you, keeping your hands free!
See the existing integrations for your Pavlok such as integrations with your Chrome browser, Slack, IFTTT, and much more.

Pavlok app also integrates with health kit so you can monitor your sleep patterns in apple health app. If you allow write access to sleep activity, new sleep tracking will automatically be recorded in the Health app when you use sleep tracking on Pavlok.
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