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Pause II

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Pause II

** Best of AppStore - Apple **
** One of the most loved mindfulness apps in Japan **
** Pick of the week - Starbucks **
** Apps of the year Winner - TIME **

Pause II, a meditation app, uses mindful movement to bring forth inner peace and stillness. It's unlike guided meditation apps. In Pause II you move your your finger around the screen very, very slowly for 5 minutes. Once you are in the state of continues slow movement you can close your eyes to enhance your relaxation.

In Pause II we have removed the beautiful animations of the original Pause – which you can still find on the app store. It's a new path, a new journey, were we are adding a number of new mindfulness practices this seasons. So expect many updates, and it's our first early version

We hope that you will take the opportunity to try Pause II so that you can experience a stronger sense of balance and stability in your daily life. As a famous quote goes:

"When you are able to pause, you have stability; when you have stability, you can be tranquil; when you are tranquil, you can be at ease; when you are at ease, you can deliberate; when you can deliberate, you can attain your aims." - Great Learning, Confucius (551-479BC)


• Mindful Touch: uses gently slow movement on the surface display as a form of meditation
• Real-Time Feedback: helps to track your movement within the session
• Meditation Insights: for better comprehension of your mindfulness practice
• Different Levels: offers the opportunity to advance your practice
• Uplifting Quotes: keeps you inspired after each session
• Heart Rate Monitoring: integration with Apple Health to track your mindfulness session
• Scientifically Proven Technology: gives you the best interactive meditation experience
• Apple Watch: supported and customizable through the settings menu.