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Paul Pearson

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Paul Pearson

There was a time that all of us didn't hesitate to dream big. A pitcher in Yankees, a dancer in Disney, a chef in a 3 star french restaurant, you name it. However, once we've grown adult, most of us were overwhelmed by the reality and unfortunately lost the motivation for chasing freedom.
You deserve a better life. Trust me. All you have to do is, to have better control over your money.

I am Paul Pearson. I'm here to point a way straight towards a better life.

* What I am good at:

I am good at translating human voice into records. You just have to long press the record button and then talk to me like "Transportation 3 dollars". In this way, I hope you won't forget to record your expenses and lost the opportunity for a better life.
Once I know you better, I may give some advises based on your everyday expenses.

Please feel free to contact me at or [email protected]
Any question and complain is welcomed : )
Yuyang Jiang