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Practical, easy and at all times at hand, PatientAssist provides effective health management. With PatientAssist you can organize your entire medical record digitally, view and print as needed. The bundled data improves the basis for diagnoses and unnecessary examinations can be avoided.

Your health management is now even easier:

Important features:
- Digital recording of all illnesses, preventive and follow-up examination, allergies with
- medication and the entire course of therapy
- Structured, clear medical record
- Upload medical data
- Integrated diary for recording current sensitivities
- Connection with Apple HealthKit possible
- Quick access via Apple Watch
- Detailed analysis of all diary data using artificial intelligence
- PDF feature for easier communication with doctors
- Alert function
- Integrated calendar for recording all examination dates
- Clear medication list
- Scanning of medication by photo
- Reminder for medications and appointments
- Connection for Clinical Trials and Donate Your Data
- Recording emergency contacts
- Recording of treating physicians
- Emergency pass - also readable in locked status
- Emergency access for doctors/confidants (only after sharing)
- Family sharing
- Highest safety standards
- Suitable web application

Easy control and clear evaluation. With the integrated diary you can easily and quickly record your personal health and all important health data. The intuitive diary is also compatible with the Apple Watch.

With a digital, mobile medical record, you can quickly record and save all illnesses and relevant data. So you always keep track and can also easily consult other doctors for a second opinion.

From acute pain to general condition - all the data you enter and keep in the diary is analyzed with artificial intelligence (AI).

With the included alert function, you can set up by a long-term bad score to notify a trusted person or a doctor directly via email.

Whether medication, diary entry or pending examination - PatientAssist reminds you reliably and discreetly of important appointments.

PatientAssist simplifies the communication between you and your doctors. Simply print out your diary analysis and discuss it at the next doctor's appointment.

Uploading medical records and data with PatientAssist is easy and secure. The data is stored in our own TÜV certified data centers in Germany. Three TÜV-certified data protection officers guarantee compliance with data protection.

PatientAssist also offers you a digital emergency pass. This contains all your medical data and - if available – your patient decree. The emergency pass can also be retrieved from your mobile device while it is locked so that all important information is available in the event of an emergency.

You can have multiple accounts for example to create and manage your children or people in need of care.
This simplifies your entire health management.
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