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Password Grid

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Password Grid

Welcome to Password Grid! A secure simple password generator.

NEW! Now includes:
◉ Today widget!
◉ Custom keyboard!
◉ watchOS app!

Choosing and remembering a strong password is complicated. It's easier to remember an simple password and convert it to a secure one.

This is exactly what Password Grid does. It helps you generate a random grid of characters, based on a key you choose.

With the grid, you can visually convert an easy to remember passcode (like "secret") to something safer (like "8A2sN34v2s5T").

◉ You can have your converted passphrase copied to your clipboard or emailed to you for quick access.

◉ You can customize the grid generation complexity, with uppercase letters, numbers and symbols, which makes your encrypted passwords much more secure.

Enjoy, don't forget to rate it in the App Store and let us know if you have any feedback, [email protected]!

Proudly made in Montreal, Canada!

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"I like it, it's simple, polished, and saves me from remembering complex passwords." ( 5 stars)

"This is awesome my friends were fooled they couldn't crack my message!" ( 5 stars)

"I love it" ( 4 stars)

"Very slick and creative way to help people generate and rememer strong passwords! Good work guys..." ( 3 stars)
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