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Wish to log in everywhere fast and easily? Passwarden is for you.
It securely generates, stores, auto-fills, and checks your passwords’ health.

► Manage your accounts with Passwarden.
It is developed by KeepSolid - a well-trusted security expert with 9-year experience and products, used by 35+ million customers worldwide.
► Passwarden is for those who wish to simplify the login process for any service in use, manage passwords easily, and store them safely.
► It benefits you that the only password you have to remember is that from your Passwarden account.


The key features of Passwarden:
► Face ID and Fingerprint login
Benefit from an even more secure login method. Use biometrics to access your data and ensure any third party can access it.

► 2FA (two-factor authentication)
Passwarden provides you with an extra layer of security with TFA (authenticator app and email one-time passcode). No one except you will access your items.

► Autofill
If necessary credentials are already stored in Passwarden, it automatically fills them out for you, making the sign-in process a breeze!

► Password generator
Have no hassle creating a strong and unique password for each new account. Passwarden will do this for you in a matter of seconds.

► Duress Mode
Protect your most important passwords and data even if forced to provide access to your account under duress.

► Offline mode
Store all your passwords, passport details, and credit cards in Passwarden and access them even if there is no internet connection.

► Data migration
Have been using another password manager and now want to switch to the Passwarden by KeepSolid? Easy! Migrate your data in a few taps.

► It can generate unique uncrackable passwords
Passwarden generates unique impossible-to-crack passwords for all your accounts and remembers them for you.

► It protects you with bullet-proof encryption algorithms
KeepSolid takes the security of your data very seriously. That’s why Passwarden uses client-side encryption (AES-256 and ЕС р-384 algorithms) both for storing and syncing your data.

► Password Strength Meter.
Stay aware of all events happening to your accounts and credentials.

► Password Reuse Check.
Check if your passwords are reused on multiple accounts.

► Compromised accounts and data breaches report.
Learn about all the security breaches and leakages.

► Notification about expiring items.
Set up notifications and don’t forget to update credentials in time.

► Security Guru.
Get security advice from Passwarden and improve your internet and data safety.

► Dark Web Monitoring.
Get timely information about password leakages and potential threats.

► Apple Watch Widget.
Our app is supported on Apple Watch now. Keep your finger on the pulse of your security.


Available on iOS and macOS

Legal info:
The service has a free trial and can be used without any purchases. In-app purchases provide additional functionality.

If you have any questions or feedback about our service, feel free to contact our friendly customer support at [email protected] or leave a rating and review.
KeepSolid Inc.