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Passin is a smart mobile app, developed by Bright Creations that aims at providing employees the ability to self- evaluate their working performance through counting their office hours. It is also beneficial to managers and employers who need to check out their teams' attendance sheets as it provides detailed analytics on who is inside the company and who is not.

Passin is regarded indispensable in terms of scheduling meetings and getting all people within an organization always connected through its WiFi and GPS Geofencing technology. Found on Appstore and Google Play, Passin can be downloaded and used to smartphones and tablets.

The app allows the user to:

• Accurately monitor the attendance using WiFi and GPS Geofencing
• Sign in and out automatically using their smartphones
• Manually schedule meetings
• Receive push notifications from the dashboard

The Company's Dashboard for the Admin to manage/analyze the detailed attendance logs as well as analysis graphs and information to keep track of the company's performance.

The dashboard allows the admin to:
• Keep an eye on employees’ attendance record
• Keep track of employee’s status even if they are out of office
• Monitor the performance of employees by checking analysis reports/graphs.
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