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by jayyang
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by jayyang
PassGraph is a innovation of password management software, it can not only manage passwords, also allows users to quickly by means of scanning the QR code on the MacOS end on the iPhone to send account and password information.
You no longer need to remember the password on the account of individual of different set password, similar to that of using PassGraph allows you to solve the safe hidden trouble caused by repeated use similar password, now you can easily set up random password of arbitrary length. When you need to login on MacOS, you don't need to care about what your password is, you just need to scan the QR code, all the relevant login information has been in your MacOS side ready. Make sure you can safely log on to the Mac even on a public Mac!
You can put your own all sorts of multifarious login information recorded on the iPhone in PassGraph (you can also use our built-in random password generator, in theory it is more safer) then you need to use the personal login information on the Mac open PassGraph desktop application to generate random QR code, and then use this phone the PassGraph to scan the QR code on the Mac. The personal login information on the Mac will be automatically cleared after the login, so users don't have to worry about the information leak.

[Main Functions]
1. Preset the high definition icon of the mainstream website to facilitate the user's clear management account.
2. You can customize the popular accounts that do not exist in default.
3. You can generate random passwords that can customize the length of Numbers, letters and special symbols.
4. Transmit the iPhone's account and password information by scanning the QR code generated by the desktop MacOS.
5. Support the biometrics of Touch ID and Face ID to unlock the PassGraph application.
6. Direct contact with developers via email for feedback.

您可以把自己的各种繁杂的登陆信息记录在iPhone PassGraph中 (您也可以使用我们内置的随机密码生成器,理论上这样更加安全) 然后在您需要使用个人登陆信息的Mac上打开PassGraph桌面版应用, 生成随机二维码, 然后请使用此手机端的PassGraph去扫描Mac端的二维码。Mac端的个人登陆信息将会在登陆完成后自动被清除,所以用户无需担心信息泄漏的问题。

5.支持Touch ID 和Face ID的生物识别来解锁PassGraph应用。