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Passages for Readers

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Passages for Readers

Do You Read Nonfiction? I noticed a disturbing pattern in my behavior. I spend a lot of time reading, especially business books. I've been investing this time for years, ever since I started getting interested in entrepreneurship. Despite my effort, I would find myself in situations that I studied, but I would forget to apply what I learned.

One day I needed to get my brakes fixed. When the mechanic gave me his expensive estimate, did I apply my negotiating skills? Did I flinch at the price? Did I ask for a better deal? No. Even though I had read a book about negotiations, even though I had underlined and written notes in the book, I hadn't internalized the information.

Only after I had agreed to their several-hundred dollar estimate did I slap my forehead in frustration. I knew better, but the information wasn't at the top of my mind. Not only had I spent too much on brakes, I also apparently wasted thousands of dollars of my time reading about negotiations.

I talked to my friends about this, and they have the same issue. They love reading nonfiction, but they rarely remember to apply what they read. Even my friends who take extensive book notes didn't read them. Only the most diligent note-takers and reviewers were getting a good return on the time they spent reading.

That's how I new that I needed to build something to help readers painlessly get more from their books.

Introducing Passages, the reading journal app for nonfiction readers who want to learn and apply their knowledge faster. Download now and get
- The main app, which makes it simple to store and organize your book quotes and notes
- A passage of the day Today widget to help keep your knowledge fresh
- A share extension so you can easily capture quotes from reading apps and the browser

Do you highlight or take notes? Do they collect dust? Then Passages it a perfect fit. Passages helps you revisit what you read so you can internalize and make use of new knowledge.

Are you a lifelong learner? Do you look to the words of your mentors and role models for inspiration and guidance? Passages provides a daily reminder so your lessons stick. You become the average of the people you spend the most time with. Passages lets you spend more time with the people you most admire.

How much does a book cost? The cover might say $19.95, but reading it takes hours. How much is four hours of your life worth? $500? $800? $1000? You can't get that time back, so you better leave with actionable new skills when you close the cover.

If you're like many readers, you quickly forget what you read and hear. For a few days, you can easily recall the contents of the book, and even apply it to your life. Over time, the memory goes into long-term storage. You still have the knowledge, but you have to struggle for it.

Sometimes see the same advice over and over. We already know it, and we don't need more reminders. But occasionally we learn something so surprising, so powerful, that we know it could change how we follow our life's work. Even so, to internalize it, you must see it multiple times.

Just reading or hearing even the best wisdom isn't enough to get better. Learning means doing. And usually the time we get a piece of information isn't the right time to act on it.

Have you ever wasted your time on something you don't care about? It's easy to get caught up in the busyness of the day and neglect what really matters to you. With notifications and a Today Widget, Passages helps you remember your principals and priorities with a daily reminder.

Keep your advisors close. Remind yourself of your most important advisors, whether they be an entrepreneur, spiritual leader, poet, scientist, or even your grandmother. There is no place closer than your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Download Passages today, add a few quotes, turn on the Today Widget, and get the most from your books.
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