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Pascal (formerly Calculator³) is a professional-grade 3-in-1 scientific, graphing and programmer calculator. For FREE, Pascal comes loaded with a feature-packed scientific calculator, Today widget and Apple Watch app. The graphing calculator and programmer calculator require IAP unlock, but come with 3 trials each for you to give them a test run. During the trial periods you have access to all features. TIP: Simply reinstall the app to replenish the trial counts.

Some noteworthy features:

Scientific Calculator¹ (FREE)
- Supports degree, radian and gradian modes
- Decimal factorials
- Modulo operator
- Permutations (nPr) and combinations (nCr)
- Standard memory functions
- RPN mode

Graphing Calculator² (IAP)
- Includes all functions the scientific calculator offers
- TI-like design
- Perform calculations on a smart tape (i.e. no need to close parenthesis, multiply out brackets, real-time syntax highlighting)
- Plot graphs using adaptive sampling algorithm to generate precise results
- Show or hide roots/intersections and trace values

Programmer Calculator³ (IAP)
- Supports 8, 16, 32, and 64-bit bitwise calculations
- Binary (base-2), octal (base-8), decimal (base-10), and hexadecimal (base-16) numeral systems too
- Unicode (UTF-16) and ASCII character encoding
- A binary table that shows you in real time the binary representation of the current operand
- RPN mode
Andrew Wei