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Partial Contact

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Partial Contact

Partial Contact makes it quick and easy for you to selectively share information from your contacts. No need to worry about typing mistakes or the cumbersome highlighting of text to copy. You can even use it from the Messages app.

The standard contacts apps are great for basic contact management tasks but with sharing it’s an "all or none" situation. The standard share function gives out all the data in the contact. You may want to give your phone number but not your home address. Partial Contact solves this problem and helps you maintain your privacy. It allows you to choose what fields of a contact you share. This eliminates the need to have several different versions of your own contact.

Sharing contact info can be done using the following mechanisms:
• Text Message (through the app or Messages app)
• Email
• AirDrop
• QR Code
• Clipboard

** NOTE **
Even though the Watch app is free and can be installed, the Premium purchase is necessary for it to provide functionality.

Premium features:
• Allows customization of the default email Subject and Message text used when sending vcf files
• Allows the use of Favorites - A user named configuration of a contact with preselected visible fields
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