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Parky detects tremor and dyskinesia episodes as long as you wear your Apple Watch. You can view your daily/weekly/monthly reports and share with any healthcare professional you decide. Your symptoms overview can hint the efficacy of your treatment protocol. This data can support your healthcare professional to have a better understanding of your condition.
Parky medication reminder helps to stay on track. You can set reminders, save the taken meds and see your overall and weekly med compliance.
For freezing episodes, Parky offers state-of-the-art technology: Augmented Reality. In case of a freezing, Parky AR module locates a walking person image in 3D within the environment to trigger the first move. To adjust efficacy, a chessboard image is also available.

This app is solely intended to be used by people who clinically diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Parky only use Apple Watch motion sensor to predict tremor and dyskinesia symptoms which may vary in accuracy based on user behaviour, device capabilities or specific nature of the condition. The user must wear the Apple Watch on their most affected arm. The data is only reported to the user and not shared with any third-parties. Only the user can share their health data at their own will with their selected healthcare professionals. The data types being reported are detailed as follows:
Resting tremor data

“This app is monitoring and collecting your Parkinsonian resting tremor data, only if you self-report or have been clinically diagnosed with resting tremor, and indicate within the app that this is true.”

Choreiform dyskinesia data

“This app is monitoring and collecting your choreiform dyskinesia data, only if you self-report or have been clinically diagnosed with choreiform dyskinesias, and indicate within the app that this is true.”

Movement disorder data in the background

“This app is able to collect your movement disorder data even when the app is not active, on screen, or responding to your user input.”

If you would like to opt out from the app, you can click on Profile->Profile Information->Deactivate Account anytime. Your data and account would be permanently deleted.

Parky is not a medical device. It is intended solely for general wellness purposes, and is not intended for use in the diagnose, mitigation, treatment, cure, or prevention of any diseases or conditions. The feedback you receive from Parky may not be 100% accurate based on any technical issues, device capabilities or the specific nature of your condition. Parky only provides optimistic prediction reports through your activity which should be considered as clues regarding the condition. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter or have any other concerns about your health, you should seek immediate medical advice from a licensed health care professional.

This app integrates with HealthKit to access your daily steps data.

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