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ParkTime remembers where you parked and for how long. A big arrow points right at your car, a UNIQUE feature!

• A big arrow points right at your car
• A map shows the location of you and your car
• See a readout of distance and direction to your car
• See how long you've been parked
• See how much time is on a parking meter
• Get notified before the meter expires
• Full Apple Watch support
• Control and view ParkTime with your Apple Watch
• No ads, no in-app purchases

The screen shows distance, direction, a map, and a compass. It displays how long you've been parked, or how much time is left on the meter. You can be notified before the meter expires, so you can get back in time. You can get walking directions to your car. ParkTime supports advanced features like Force Touch, and its Apple Watch support lets you control and see info in its watch app, in a glance, and right on on the watch face.
Leptonic Systems, Inc.