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Parking — Meter & Garage Assistant

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Parking — Meter & Garage Assistant

Remember where you parked.

You shouldn’t have to watch the clock worrying about meter refills, and you shouldn’t have to come up with clever ways to remember garage levels.

Parking is here to help.


- Flexible Parking Types: Keep track of meter, garage, lot, street, or other parking types. Quickly save your parking location, as well as other relevant bits of info, and get on with your life.

- Location Tracking: Remember where exactly you parked with accurate GPS tracking.

- Smart Reminders: Let Parking remind you when to leave to refill a meter or move your car on the street. When you get back to a garage, receive a helpful notification reminding you of your level name and color.

- Share where you parked: Send a link through email, text, and more to share your parking details.

- 3D Touch Quick Actions: Set, share, or clear your parking spot right from the home screen.

- Parking for Apple Watch: With an app, Glance, and beautiful notifications, Parking feels at home on Apple Watch.

- Today Widget: With the Today widget, you’ll never be more than a swipe away from checking your meter time, garage details, or parking location.
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