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Parking Assistant

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Parking Assistant

An app that keeps track of where you have parked your car and when you have parked it. Let the app keeps track of it for you.

Some car parks allow you to park for a certain time period for free. You try not to exceed this free parking time as we don't want to pay any money unnecessarily. But keep trying to remember the time can be a pain especially when you have better things to do. This app can remind you (using notification as well as integrating with the Reminder app on your iPhone and iPad).

And for street parking, the map function is indispensable. You can mark the exact location of your car. The app will even automatically determine the street address. Not sure how to get back to your car? No problem. Get your iPhone or iPad to display a route back to the car.

There is even a location alert function that will try to warn you if you move too far from your car. This is really handy if you need to get back to your car by a certain time, like before the parking meter expire or before the free parking time ends.

Key features:
• Provide a simple count down to a time that you do not want to exceed. This is especially for situation where you are entitled to a fixed amount of free parking time.
• You can conveniently set it by using the current time as the start time or you can enter a specific time. You can also change the free time to match the parking location.
• The app will remind you a set time (the default is 15 minutes) before the end of the free parking time.
• You can optionally setting a reminder in your device’s Reminder App by clicking a single button.
• A simply way to record where you have parked you car. This is designed to be as flexible and easy to use as possible. You can record the level, the number, and the color (using a predefined color or pick you own color). There is a ‘other’ field so you can write in whatever you like.
• The app also makes use of the GPS function on your device to record the GPS coordinate of you car as well. The app will also attempt to determine the street address of you parked car. (Function that requires GPS is best for outdoor parking.)
• Once recorded, you can see the location of you car on a map. You can even see you current location relative to your parked car.
• Location Alert function. The app will warn you if you move too far away from your parked car (really useful if you don't want to exceed the free parking time)
• Save car park information. You can save the name, address, GPS location, and free parking duration of your favourite carpark. Once saved, you can click and select it next time, and you are set to go. The app will also learn the colour associated with each parking level so you no longer need to enter all these overtime. And you don't need to do anything special - just use the app: the more you use it, the better it gets.
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