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PAR Golf GPS Caddie & Practice

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PAR Golf GPS Caddie & Practice

Golf's first complete platform. PAR Golf uses intelligent algorithms to measure on course performance and translate analytics to dedicated practice plans so you can play your best golf.

On the course, the most advanced automatic swing detection available on the Apple Watch will track every swing you take. Analyzing tempo, power, speed, and consistency of every swing. Combined with accurate GPS locations, every shot is tracked and captured on your golf journey to produce personalized strokes gained information relative to a reference that fits your current skillset. PAR Golf comes packed references for male and female golfers of all handicap levels from tour pro to +25 handicaps to see how you stack up and which part of your game needs work. Advanced caddie features analyze current weather including wind, temperature, and elevation to give you the most accurate adjusted yardages to make the best club selection. Caddy features are available both on the phone and watch for quick at a glance confidence. PAR Golf is best when paired with an Apple Watch, however advanced algorithms provide accurate and simple shot tracking even if only a phone is available.

After the round, PAR Golf's intelligent algorithms unpack mountains of data into actionable results so that you can understand exactly what part of your golf game needs work including detailed analysis of Driving, Approach, Short Game, and Putting. Each facet of your game is analyzed with intelligent suggestions to help you focus and improve the fastest. PAR Golf's analytics engine understands your golf performance and recommends practice routines and drills to lower your golf handicap.

Easily play with friends or follow along with your friend's rounds with PAR Golf's live spectator mode. Joint scorecard with many scoring modes including Stroke Play, Match Play, and Stableford (Net and gross). PAR Golf has one of the most advanced and easy to read scorecards available.

Practice modes and drills allow you to focus on areas of your game that need work both at the driving range and from the comfort of your home with just a putting mat or net to hit into. Measurable games and data allow you to track skill improvement and work in between rounds and into the offseason.

PAR Golf can use the phone and watch GPS at the highest level of accuracy which can have an impact on battery usage. Low Power modes are available for the watch to improve performance on older models.

Your golf will improve faster than ever with PAR Golf's key features:
- Automatic Shot Tracking
- Automatic Swing Detection and Analysis
- Smart Distances with weather, elevation, and your personal history
- Advanced GPS Rangefinder with dispersion graphics
- Caddie recommendations
- Strokes Gained Analytics
- Advanced data drill downs
- Practice and drill modes

PAR Golf thrives when used with Apple Watch and uses HealthKit to create a golf workout while you are playing golf. PAR Golf can also be used without an Apple Watch.
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